Effective basic skincare routine

September 12, 2020
First thing’s first, a disclaimer: routines are bad for relationships. Like, really bad. They notoriously kill the romance. But we are not talking about that kind of “routine” here. Let’s get that straight. Last we checked, we are premium sensuality. We are Pure Skin Lust, for him and her. So this routine here is anything but a romance killer.

Good, flawless, bright, firm, sexy AF skin, sadly, is not embedded in your DNA, unless you are some transgenic hybrid clone with innate “FaceTune” abilities. For those natural “FaceTuners”, lucky you! But if you are one of us ambitious plebes that wants it, but just needs a little bit of help, you are luckier! Chances are, no amount of FaceTuning could ever result in what EMIRIUM will do to your face. Platinum Dreams is  FaceTune in a jar, without the App! For those that wake up with a photo-ready finish, don’t breathe a sigh of relief just yet. Remember: prevention is easier than correction.

Can we agree that having a basic, one-stop-shop skincare routine, is important?

If you don’t  agree, then by all means  please go to Sephora and empty your wallets, buying ten different creams  that do only half of what we can. It's okay. You just  don’t get us.

For the smart ones out there, we get that a reasonable, effective, actually do-able solution was missing. That’s  why we  started EMIRIUM. Our product was developed to be a single skincare product that yielded all the positive results we craved, in one well-apportioned jar! No more minuscule eye creams or serums that vanish  after  one use. In our, albeit conceited opinion, looking flawless  is a right, not a luxury. Your cream  should  not be your typical three michelin  star restaurant, where your little sample morsels  of  food leave you unsatisfied, starving, and penniless. We want everyone to  wake up, perfected. In fact, why not even share the perfection!

So imagine this…

You and your significant other waking up next to each other in the best mood possible, and then you go straight to the bathroom to share a steamy shower. After that, you go to the kitchen, cook breakfast together, sit in the breakfast table to enjoy the feast while making eyes at each other in between coffee sips.

Now how much easier would  that be if both of  you had something drop dead gorgeous  to look at?

Sounds splendid, right?

Have a perfect morning, looking perfected, with your perfect someone. Flawless for Love.  Flawless  for All.

Don't wake up too late

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