in pursuit of aesthetic indulgence

Two friends were frustrated at the status-quo in cosmetic creams, and wanted a single product to solve all their problems. Easier said than done.

Soon enough, we realized that it was impossible to find what we were looking for among the cosmetic brands we trusted. We wanted  a single product, not multi step regimens. The product had to yield all the positive effects we craved while also being a simple, pampering, life-improving daily ritual. And ideally it wouldn't cost a fortune either.

Short of alternatives, EMIRIUM was born.

Challenging what a single cream can do.

We had a vision for our ideal cream, and we were wondering: "Why hasn't anyone created this before?"
It didn't take us long to understand. A single laboratory didn't have all the ingredients we wanted to have in our cream, so we found five.

In Japan, where skincare is at the forefront of innovation, our scientists were asked to disrupt the perception of a single cream's capabilities. To concentrate complex skincare regimens into a single formula that has over 20 beneficial outcomes, not just one.

We pushed the boundaries and created an unmatched, potent combination of functions in an elegant, bold, unisex application.

The world's best cosmetic cream is based on science, not marketing.

Our ethos was clear from the beginning: we wanted to create the most advanced cosmetic cream in the world. No cut corners, and no crazy overheads either. Above all, we wanted a safe product yielding amazing results.

We wanted to create a cream based on science, not marketing. That's why our cream has been crafted by a network of cooperating Japanese laboratories and has been through incredibly thorough tests to back up each claim.

Emirium is the first all-in-one solution.
Wear it and pamper yourself before going to bed and wake up each morning perfected.

Don't wake up too late

As rare as its formula, our supply is extremely limited. Get on the list to ensure priority access to our first shipment.

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