Platinum Dreams result of a long, restless and uncompromising research process

Platinum Dreams is the result of a long, restless and uncompromising research process.

We hand-picked  the best skincare ingredients, crafting a unique formula that feels like a treat when you apply it, while helping you to look your best. It was our dream cream. Now it can be yours, too.



Our exclusive Pt.θ™ formula uses real platinum to provide a source of quantum gravity, captivating our agents in a 3D platinum helix.

By retaining the ingredients on the surface of your skin throughout the duration of your slumber, we maximise their absorption, boosting their beneficial properties. Just apply the cream before going to bed and let it take care of your face while you sleep.

Platinum theta boost, the best skin care formula


Crafted in Japan, where skincare has been a tradition

In Japan, where skincare has been a tradition for hundreds of years and the research in this field is incredibly advanced, we found the perfect network of labs to partner with.

No single lab could make our special formulation, so we partnered with a whole group to achieve the best possible product without having to compromise in any way.
Because we wanted to craft our dream cream, and now you can have it too.


Don't wake up too late

As rare as its formula, our supply is extremely limited. Get on the list to ensure priority access to our first shipment.

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